4 Mount Boone Dartmouth


Dartmouth is set in a picture book location, on the picturesque River Dart, with steep wooded hillsides on either side.

The historic atmosphere of Dartmouth's narrow streets and buildings is exemplified by Dartmouth's oldest building, The Cherub Pub (c1380), in Higher Street, and Agincourt House at Lower Ferry - both examples of 14th century buildings that have survived in the town.

The main Embankment runs along from the New Quay towards the historic Bayard's Cove providing visitors with a pleasant and relaxing promenade to stroll down - admiring the sights of the busy estuary or to select from the many boat trips that depart from the waters edge.

Dartmouth offers a stunning array of restaurants, bistros, boutiques and specialist shops. All lining Dartmouth's narrow streets with their long flights of winding steps and intriguing medieval buildings.

Dartmouth boasts two impressive Castles which have maintained a guard at the mouth of the River Dart for centuries. Dartmouth Castle, built in 1481, featured many state-of-the-art defences. Kingswear Castle, on the opposite bank of the river, afforded Dartmouth's deep water anchorage even greater protection by having a heavy chain strung between the two castles at times of threat - protecting the ships at anchor and the homes and warehouses of Dartmouth's merchant community.